MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. is a company specialized in lathes and CNC machining centres precision machining. To prove the quality of its services and the environmental concern MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. has established an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of SR EN ISO 9001:2015 and SR EN ISO 14001:2015.

Our company goal is to reach high performance of our production activity. We are a customer-oriented society and we are committed to a policy of meeting its needs, aiming to ensure the conditions for preventing and reducing the impact of the environmental activity. We are committed to adhering to this policy at all levels of the organization, aiming at enhancing and continuously improving the effectiveness of the Full Quality Management System.

Target is to maintain and continuously improve the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System in accordance with the requirements of the above mentioned standards. The main goals of our company are:

  • Understanding and meeting the requirements of the customer and other stakeholders;
  • Continuous improvement of product quality through the use of modern production equipment;
  • Process efficiency to increase productivity and reduce costs;
  • Collaboration with efficient Logistics partners to ensure compliance with delivery deadlines and customer related risk removal;
  • Providing the infrastructure and a suitable work environment for the proper development of all the processes and resources needed to achieve the set objectives;
  • Using quality raw materials and materials, carefully selecting suppliers and maintaining mutually beneficial collaboration relationships with them;
  • Compliance with business related applicable laws and regulations;
  • Continuous training, awareness and motivation of staff, and the development of an open climate for innovation and teamwork;
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with the company's suppliers in order to increase waste recycling and recovery;
  • Ensuring a lower consumption of natural resources and a minimum level of pollution to prevent pollution;

The following are of utmost importance for us:

  • Human resource for which we care to ensure an unpolluted living and work environment;
  • Quality of services offered to our clients, motivated by the desire to increase their satisfaction and trust;
  • Environment that must be protected and effectively harnessed.

MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. Management aims and is liable for compliance with the Quality and environment policy.

The Authority and the responsibility for establishing, implementing and maintaining the Integrated Quality and Environment Management System rest with the Administrator of MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L.
The company Administrator is responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy and appoints an Integral Quality Management System Officer.
The top management ensures that the Quality and Environment Policy is available to relevant stakeholders at the company headquarters.
The Quality and Environment Policy is communicated within our company, and a copy of this policy is available at the headquarters of MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L.