MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. is a company specialized in the very precise processing of metal parts on lathes and machining centers with CNC.

In order to prove the quality of its services and the concern for the surrounding environment MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. established a System of Integrated quality and environmental management in accordance with the requirements of standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 and SR EN ISO 14001: 2015.

The purpose of our society is to become performance in the production activity we carry out. We are a customer-oriented society and we are engaged in a policy to meet the needs of the customer, aiming also to ensure the conditions for preventing and reducing the impact of the activity on the environment. We are committed to respect this policy at all levels of the organization, aiming to further strengthen and continuously improve the efficiency of the Integrated Quality Management System — environment.

The target objective is the satisfaction of our customers and the protection of the environment by maintaining and continuously improving the integrated management System of quality and environment, in accordance with the requirements of the standards mentioned. Our mission is to be a reliable supplier for our customers. The commitment of the highest level management is:

  • The customer and other interested parties' requirements satisfaction - Infrastructure insurance market, an appropriate working environment and the resources needed to achieve the objectives set - Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulations
  • The continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system

Essential for us are:

  • The Satisfaction of our customers
  • The Quality of the services offered to our customers, motivated by the desire to increase their satisfaction and confidence;
  • The Human Resource for which we care to ensure an environment of unpolluted living and working;
  • The environment that must be protected and exploited effectively.

The management of MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. assumes and is responsible for carrying out The Quality and environment policy.

The authority and responsibility for setting up, implementing and maintaining the integrated quality and environmental management system is the Manager of MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L.

The administrator shall be responsible for implementing and maintaining this policy and shall appoint a Responsible for the integrated quality and environmental management system.

The highest level management ensures that Quality and environment policy is available to relevant stakeholders at the company's premises and on the company's website

The highest level management it is ensured that the quality and environment policy is communicated, understood and applied within our company, and a copy of this policy is available at the MEPRO SISTEME S.R.L. premises.